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lucky draw!New Lucky Wheel!


JILIWIN online casino offers a diverse gaming experience that includes baccarat, live shows, fishing, and slots.October still has a lot of exciting events to offer players, so let's see what the hottest events are at the moment!

We are glad to announce the most exciting lucky wheel now in Jili178. The bonus from lucky wheel, you can apply the withdrawal immediately or play games winning bigger prizes. Come to earn YAMAHA SNIPER 155、IPHONE 14 PRO and 1,788 ₱ free credit to play your favorite slots!

How to Participate

1.Register an account with Jili178.

2.Complete the daily task and get the Award point.

3.Points obtained through other subscription activities: such as live, promotional channels to obtain redemption codes, or official website accumulation or period tasks.

4.Play the Lucky wheel and win the big prize, up to YAMAHA SNIPER 155R.

5.Jili178 members can play ONE time lucky wheel by consuming 2 points.

6.Jili178 members will not be limited to playing Lucky Wheel times.

How to earn the points

1.Jili178 members deposit or accumulated deposit 200 get 1 point one day one time(00:00 to 23:59)

Total Deposit = 200 ₱ |||| Award Point = 1 point

2.Total bet in slot or fish games the member can get the Award points.

Total bet = 5,000 |||| Award Point = 1 point

Total bet = 10,000 |||| Award Point = 1 point

Total bet = 15,000 |||| Award Point = 2 point

Total bet = 20,000 |||| Award Point = 2 point

Total bet = 25,000 |||| Award Point = 2 point

Total bet = 30,000 |||| Award Point = 2 point

The total bet amount will refresh every day, and drawing times are unlimited. Now play games and win the prize.

Jili178 login Bonus

In addition, long-term rewards will continue, and loyal players will also be rewarded with mission feedback

How to join

1.Become Jili178’s member and log in.

2.Go to the mission page and receive the mission.

3.To decide which one is a great student: According to your time, if you play longer then you have a lot of chances to be chosen.

Activity details

1.Log in Jili178 ; All of you can join this activity whether you are new or old members.

2.Activity Prize

Perfect attendance award money

Log in 3 days = 18 ₱

Log in 6 days = 18 ₱

Log in 9 days = 18 ₱

Log in 15 days = 36 ₱

Log in 30 days = 90 ₱

Total money = 180₱

Special Prize

Great student = 360₱

EX:We will distribute our great student’s prize additionally, you can’t receive it personally

3.Activity Date

2022/10/07 00:00:00-2022/11/30 23:59:59

4.Go to center- Mission Diary-Accumulative Mission to get corresponding prize and check out progress.

5.We use an accumulative way to count. Please finish our activity before the deadline.

Jili 178 deposit

First time stored value bonus

Welcome new players, ready to experience our game? In order to provide a better gaming experience, jili is also offering new players a stored value bonus for their first stored value!

Buy 38 get 178 free

The Deposit 38 ₱ get free Bonus in JILI178

JiLi178 brings the most popular promotion for all new members. You just use a small amount and earn the big bonus offer. During the promotion campign, all of members in Jili178 will get 178₱ after their deposit 38. What are you waiting for? Don't be late.

Promotion details

1. 178 ₱ Bonuses.

2. Turnover : 3888.

3. Maximum withdrawal amount. 1,000₱.

Ex: Additional amount will be deducted automatically after withdrawal request is approved.

4. When members apply for other promotions, they cannot participate in this promotion.

5. Game types: Slots and fishing machines.

6. Jili178 reserves the right to modify, change, terminate, cancel, reject or abolish this promotion.

7. Terms and conditions applicable to Jili178

Take the chance to try your luck, there are quite a few goodies to be claimed as long as you meet the conditions, come and find your game at jili178! You only need your account password to register quickly, remember, the registered name must be the same as your bank account name, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw, and the first registration also has up to 150% BONUS!

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