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Jili fishing game:Top 3 fishing Games with High Bonus

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Jili fishing game - Game bắn cá đổi thưởng

It's time for an online treasure hunt.JILICITY TÝ BỐI offers a series of exciting online fish shooting games where you can compete with players from all over the world. Test your luck and aim! Join exciting tournaments or pay instantly. Play online fishing games. Win big and real money at JILI WIN Enjoy our special bonuses and much more!

Fishing game, a very addictive game

Fishing game, a very addictive game. This is a shooting game with weapons to catch fish. In the game, the player will look for fish in the ocean to shoot and the gameplay is very simple.

Players just need to use the mouse or finger to move the tip of the gun to aim at different underwater creatures and then left click on them. After selecting various weapons, you can shoot different sea creatures by choosing different attack methods and modes with different gun combinations!

Three tips for fishing machines

Small artillery point kill

In the novice area, fishing and scoring is usually easier, but this does not mean that everyone can be lost without hayabusa.

The reason for this design is that the lower level shells consume a small amount of coins per round. For small fish, the low-level shells are enough to handle it, and even if you don't succeed in winning, you won't lose much.

No False Shots

There are many different types of fish in the fishing game, such as low scoring yellowtail, clowns, medium scoring lantern fish, turtles, and high scoring sharks. The different scores of these fish correspond to the amount of successful catches.

We need to treat them differently in the game. For those with different scores, please use the same level of shells. This will not only improve the success rate, and will not waste shells for nothing

Judgment alignment

Fish are not static targets in the game. Each different fish has its own unique speed and line attributes. We must make a prediction before launching the shell to determine where the fish will swim after launching the shell.

Take a look at the top games from jili city - Bắn cá


In this star-studded game, the king of the ocean is in your hands, easy to catch ! Reels, slots, King of the Ocean King of the Ocean Interactive and many other ways to play in All Star Fishing!

Game Features

Maximum number 1200x

Special Features · The famous bosses from each fishing game · A variety of weapons to choose from, including a jellyfish cannon that can paralyze fish and a grappling hook that can pull bosses · Different gameplay and mini-games

FA CHAI Treasure Boat Fishing

With Jack Sparrow to dominate the seven seas!This is a very special fish game, you can even play roulette style mini-games, if you remember the movie, you must know the magic compass and the fountain of youth. Use the 100X gun to shoot them down to enter the mini-game session!

Game Features

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • 2 mini games

  • 100X Guns

jdb Fortune Fishing

JDB take the treasure electronic this super fire fish machine has full control over the hearts of players! The God of Wealth, who is in charge of money and wealth, has come to visit us, and the God of Wealth has come to reward us with bonuses, and the fishing bonuses are full of wallets! High specification quality, high multiplier score, the opportunity to get 200 times the lucky prize, the highest bonus can also get 1000 times, so that players are full of wealth, all the way to the end!

Game Features

  • God of Wealth Fat Fat Fat up to 1000 times

  • Wealthy God descends 100 to 300 times

  • Fortune Wheel up to 200x

  • Machine gun 20 to 100 rounds, the maximum accumulation of 999 rounds

CQ9 Hero Fishing

Hero Fishing" is coming! In this game, hero super power is your fishing ability!

Accumulate energy, unlock more weapons and batteries, unleash the super hero's magnificent moves, and activate the awakening skills to get the fish head quickly!

BOSS Toad King and Sea King are coming, triggering a full plate of furious attacks and 500X bounty for you to sweep.

Now come and fight with all kinds of heroes a cool straight fishing battle!

Game Features

  • 500X bounty

  • Small fish earn a small profit, big fish earn a big profit, 2X-100X,

All the games and game alternatives we offer to our customers are licensed and regulated. This means that we follow strict international standards and are regularly audited to ensure that the security of our platform and the privacy of our customers are protected.

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