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Cash Rebate program fully upgrade maximum 1%

JILIWIN online casino offers a diverse gaming experience that includes baccarat, live shows, fishing, and slots.

On this site there are more than 1500 games to choose from. All these games are very popular among gamblers all over the world. And the game portfolio is so wide that players are sure to find a game experience for themselves here!

Jili178 is honored to announce the new Cash Rebate Program launch. Now when Jili178 players are playing slots and fish games will receive max up to 1% cash rebate.

Maximum Rebate Amount: Unlimited!Before you get into the game, learn more about the following popular game styles that are popular with players and develop your winning strategy!

Slot JILI-Crazy Hunter

Unusual and interesting game "Crazy Hunter". Determine the size of the bet and go ahead to

destroy targets. In front of you on the platform will be various targets (from goblins and warriors, to the princess and the king), you need to destroy the target to get a reward.

Each goal is paid differently, according to the payout table. The lowest paid goblins and warriors,and the highest paid in the game are the princess, king, dragon and treasure chest. If you destroythe treasure chest, you can win 2,000 times your bet!


JILI Games' online fishing is the hottest online fishing in the world today. Shooting dead fish is quick and easy, and the odds are even up to 1200 times better.

In the game, you can choose to use high destructive gun props to easily shoot down big fish or other fish with special bonuses.


  • Clearly allocate your budget before playing the game. Don't play if you lose a certain amount of money, and don't be too greedy when you make money. Don't lose your mind even if you lose the game.

  • Please think twice before turning on the auto-tap system, as it will shoot continuously. This will consume a lot of bullets, but does not guarantee certain results and rewards.

  • It is easier to get points by shooting small fish first. When you get a certain number of points, you can shoot the fish with higher bonuses.

  • Place a bet on the finance that corresponds to your wallet. Choose the relevant guns and bullets according to your financial situation and do not intentionally pursue those powerful weapons.


Bubble Beauty Slot Machine is a fun underwater-themed online slot game from Gili Games.Bubble Beauty comes with 5 reels and 50 paylines. The maximum jackpot of the slot game is 1000X.

The gorgeous red-haired mermaid is the wild icon here. She is the highest paid symbol and can replace missing standard symbols to complete winning combinations.

Heart-shaped air bubbles with random values can be generated on any turn. If they are part of a winning combination, you will also receive that amount.


  • 3 or more hearts appear in the main game to activate 10 free spins of the free game.

  • Hearts will be locked in the free game and turn into wild hearts.

  • The heart will remain locked on the board until you win with it.

  • If the symbols under the bubbles form combinations, points are scored from the bubbles.

  • Regardless of the number of combinations, the score between each bubble can only be won once per round.

  • Scoring bubbles do not disappear in the free game, they just move up one position in each round until they move off the board.

  • Bubbles from the main game are not carried over to the free game, once the free game is over, these bubbles will be restored to the board.

  • Bubbles from the free game will not be carried over to the main game once the free game is over.


Ali baba Slots is a thrilling game of JILI slots. This slot is 32,400 paylines and Mega Fortune.

The game features some impressive graphics enhanced by a vibrant Arabic theme including thieves, rings, blades, gold coins, podiums, princesses and numbered characters.

The story of Ali Baba is a folk tale, collected in the series "One Thousand and One Nights". It has become one of the most familiar "Thousand and One Nights" stories, and in this game we can see the story of the protagonist, Ali Baba, the girl and one of the thieves. The game is set in an Arabian town at night, where gold and jewels shine in front of the scene.


  • According to the payout table, if a bet is placed consecutively from the leftmost reel to the right, it will win the payout.

  • During the game, only X1 will appear. Before you win a prize, collect and accumulate multipliers for one or more treasure chest symbols on the board and multiply them by the number of points won for that elimination until you can't eliminate it.

  • In the free game, X1~X4 will be randomly determined by the reels!

  • With or without elimination, you can collect multiples of one or more treasure chest symbols on the board and accumulate them until the end of the free game.

  • When the board is reset (eliminated), the treasure chest multiplier symbol will also be eliminated along with the canopy.

jili 178 sign up

Seize the opportunity to try your luck, as long as the conditions are met there are a number of goodies to collect, come to jili178 to find your game!You only need your account password to register quickly, remember, the registered name must be the same as your bank account name, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw cash!And up to 150% BONUS for first registration!

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